Billing Terms

For Customers outside of Japan, the settlement of the service fees shall be done by Sansan Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of SANSAN, and Sansan Corporation shall act as a settlement agent with regard to the service fees.

The original Billing Terms in Japanese shall have the binding force and this Billing Terms translated into English from the original one is for reference materials.

The paid service fees shall not be refunded in any case.

Please understand that receipts of the service fees shall not be issued. If receipts are needed, the Customer shall ask his/her credit card company.

Unless specifically metioned, prices do not include taxes.

All monthly priced plans based on annual commitment.

We only accept payments of fees by credit cards or debit cards. We may contact you in case of any missing details by calling your registered number or mailing to your registered e-mail address.

For Customers outside of Japan, the Customer shall pay the fee for the Sansan Scanner service by credit card or debit card when the order has been completed. The service shall start ten (10) days after the completion of the order process.

The Customer will have thirty (30) days to pay arrears to SANSAN if any delinquency in payment has occurred due to any unsuccessful payment by credit card or debit card or other causes.

If the Customer does not pay arrears to SANSAN within the thirty (30)-day moratorium period, SANSAN will automatically suspend the use of the service by the Customer. The duration of this suspension will last until the Customer pays SANSAN all unpaid fees.

If the Customer remains suspended from the service due to non-payment, SANSAN may terminate this Agreement pursuant to the billing terms hereunder. The Customer shall return the Sansan Scanner which s/he used, if any.

Since SANSAN may alter, amend, modify or change the table of charges at its discretion, the Customer who gives consent to the table of charges and goes through the application procedures shall preserve the table of charges as of the time of the application on his/her own responsibility.

All sorts of discounts are applicable only at the start of, at the renewal of, or at the amendment of the Agreement, and are not applicable during the term of the Agreement.

Any addition or change to the Agreement is applied to all user accounts.